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Tilley Stormlight Kerosene convert to Coleman Fuel
24. Februar 2018 03:42
Has anyone attempted to convert a Tilley X246B Stormlight lantern (or any other Tilley for that matter) from using kerosene to using Coleman Fuel or any other petrol fuel other than kerosene for that matter?

If so what were the results, good or bad?

Did you have to use a certain type of Generator/Carburator to make this happen?

Any other modifications needed to make this work right such as different types of seals, springs, etc.?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
Re: Tilley Stormlight Kerosene convert to Coleman Fuel
24. Februar 2018 10:40
Mr Lantern,
in general it's good advice not to use any fuel the lantern was not designed for. It's not only the rubber seals that could cause problems (you will have to use Viton or Silicone rubber for CF), but also the air pressure release and the heating of the tank. Since CF will not need so much heat to evaporate it should be less critical regarding the vaporizer, but it also needs less air for the combustion, so the jets for CF would have to use a larger orifice than for kero in order to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio.
But again: If you would like to have a lantern that runs on CF please buy one that was designed to do so.
Regards, Martin

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Re: Tilley Stormlight Kerosene convert to Coleman Fuel
24. Februar 2018 13:46
btw, I did tell this a few times.
I did watch a Tilley lantern spontaneously (without perceptible cause) completely discharge its contents through the pump tube. If this happens with kero you'll have a mess around. If this happens with petrol/gas you'll have no "around" any longer to clean up.

So if you use a lantern with a fuel it was not designed for you really need to be aware of the risks you take.

Re: Tilley Stormlight Kerosene convert to Coleman Fuel
24. Februar 2018 16:40

Thank you very much for your "very serious safety points and concerns". Yes I realize the potential dangers involved when dealing with "any type of fuel" regardless of what type or model of lamp/lantern is used.

Always Safety First!

I have a small collection of certain types of lanterns that use only Coleman Fuel and have just one Petromax style of lantern that use's kerosene.

Currently I have two Tilley Stormlight lanterns shipped to me straight from England. I have seen Coleman lanterns that use only Coleman Fuel, that have been converted to use Kerosene with excellent results and very safe to use.

I was only curious to see if at any time, any one had every attempted or tried to convert a "kerosene lamp/lantern" to some other fuel type, that's all.

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